Responsibly harnessing natural resources while minimizing our environmental impact

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Biodiversity Commitment

We assess wildlife and habitats and determine where to avoid, minimize, or mitigate potential impacts.

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Native species and pollinators

Wherever possible, we plant native and pollinator plant species to support insects, mammals, birds, and other species groups.

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Land Conservation

All projects are sited to protect and preserve essential ecosystems. When possible, our mitigation efforts link with neighboring conservation lands, creating a wider network of expansive areas for at-risk wildlife.

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Environmental Research

We actively engage with various efforts to ensure we stay informed about – and help advance – the latest research and techniques that support environmental best practices. Longroad Energy is an active Renewable Energy Wildlife Institute (REWI) member.

We conduct ourselves legally, ethically, and trustworthy, upholding regulatory obligations and complying with laws.

Our Code of Conduct outlines responsibilities and provides mechanisms to prevent unethical behavior. Report concerns or questions to our Compliance and Ethics Help Line or Ethics Hotline at 1-800-399-3588.