Asset Management and Operations Services

Longroad Financial Stregth

Operating Principle

Longroad Energy has an owner’s mindset – we treat each of the assets in our portfolio as if we own it. Longroad Energy brings solutions to our customers because that is how we’ve learned to become successful operators of wind and solar projects in our 15+ years in the industry. Our motto is simple, but powerful: make and honor well thought-out commitment. We are committed to our customers, to our projects, and to a standard of excellence.
Longroad Safety


Safety is our top priority. All site personnel go through rigorous safety training and have the right as well as the responsibility to stop work if they find unsafe working conditions.
Longroad Energy Asset Management

Asset Management

Our Asset Management team has ultimate responsibility for the financial performance of your asset and is your single point of contact for project performance. Supported by an experienced team of accounting, finance, compliance, engineering and operations professionals, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and delivering on expected investment returns. Our easy to use tools and software platforms provide maximum transparency so that our owners always know the performance of their assets.
Longroad Energy Site Operations

Site Operations

Your site deserves dedicated attention to the details that matter to you. Longroad Energy employs a fully integrated, data-driven operations and maintenance strategy that maximizes project value. From our field staff to our management team, our focus on maximizing the value of your assets begins at the top.
Longroad Energy Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring and Advanced Analytics

Longroad Energy combines advanced performance monitoring and analysis from our 24/7 Remote Operations Center (ROC) with project financial data from our Asset Management team to continually optimize site performance. Decisions are made with a complete understanding of the short- and long-term financial implications to our projects. In addition to our experienced in-house staff, we partner with suppliers of major equipment such as modules, trackers, inverters and transformers to ensure high performance of the project throughout its expected life. In addition, our web-based platform allows you to monitor your site status with the click of a button or via your smart phone.

An effective asset management function consists of much more than just document compliance and cost controls.

El Campo

Site Operations

Wind Sites

Each wind farm is unique in its permitting, configuration, and challenges. Managing and operating wind sites requires flexibility. Because we’re owners ourselves, we understand what is important to our partners. We create relationships and scopes of work that aim to maximize site production and minimize costs.

Sun Streams

Solar Sites

In an environment where one cent per watt can meaningfully impact the profitability of a project, some providers look to take short cuts to lower short-term costs while ignoring long term viability. With an owner’s eye toward managing your assets, we provide a cost-benefit approach to preventative and corrective work not common among other providers.

Sun Streams

Operational Experience

Longroad Energy has an experienced services team which currently performs full asset management, operations, and remote monitoring of 2,365 MW of operating and in-construction solar and wind projects, of which half is for 3rd party owners. The current operating portfolio under management consists of:

  • 400+ operating DG and small utility solar projects, totaling 364 MW (including 2 utility solar projects in North Carolina totaling 7.2 MW)
  • 12 individually financed sale leaseback solar portfolios
  • 1,622 MW of operating wind projects (1,115 MW third-party owned)
  • A total of 438 operating projects in 23 states and 9 RTOs

In support of this operating portfolio, we manage:

  • Six turbine OEMs: GE, Vestas, Clipper, Mitsubishi, Senvion and Suzlon
  • Four solar operations and maintenance providers
  • Self-perform O&M on 36 MW of Texas solar projects and 225 MW of wind projects in Utah and Minnesota
  • Over 500 bank accounts and perform accounting for over 125 operating entities
  • Over 200 landowners
  • Parts supply for 685 MW of operating wind turbines no longer supported by the OEM
  • Renewable Energy Credit (REC) transactions in three regional REC tracking systems as well as several locality-based incentive programs

Remote Operations Center (ROC)

As the center of our operations and asset management team, the Remote Operations Center (ROC) provides 24/7 monitoring for both wind and solar assets. We’ve partnered with an industry leading platform provider to make sure your information is not only safe and secure but also easy to access and understand.  Customers have access to our platform via a secure website connection or mobile app.

Our ROC offerings can be fine-tuned to your specific needs, here are just some of the ROC services we offer:

  • Remote monitoring and operations of wind turbines – perform resets as directed by owner
  • Remote monitoring of solar plant assets from pyranometers to inverters (as installed)
  • Remote monitoring of Balance of Plant (BOP) assets
  • Serve as the main point of contact for grid and transmission owners
  • Create and issue reports to owner
  • Operating in accordance to owner procedures, permits, and NERC/FERC requirements
  • Respond to alarms and dispatch field staff in accordance to pre-determined procedures
  • Aid owners with work order creation
  • Assist in compliance activities
  • Track and report on events such as curtailment and force majeure condition
  • Act as the 24/7 contact center for community and landowner concerns and complaints