Powering Virginia with Solar

7 Bridges Solar is a proposed project in Mecklenburg County, Virginia that could power approximately 16,000 Virginia homes. The project area lands are currently forested and have been in logging rotation for many decades, located three and a half miles Northeast of Chase City between Scott’s Crossroads and Route 49. The site’s developer, Longroad Energy, operates approximately 5,000 MW of renewable energy projects nationwide.

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The current site has mature forests surrounding the lands that are proposed for solar panel installation, such that the paneled area will not be visible to the public from any public roadways or residences. The forested screen around the project will be maintained for the life of the project as a condition of the county permit.

Responsive to the Community

Longroad Energy spent over a year listening to the community, and responded with substantial improvements to 7 Bridges Solar, including:

  • Reduced the active project area from approximately 942 acres to approximately 499 acres of developed areas, within which approximately 200 acres will be under solar panels
  • Reduced the project capacity from 105 Megawatts (alternating current) to 80 Megawatts (alternating current)
  • Moved the project site over two miles from Grasshopper Solar
  • Moved the project farther from Scott’s Crossroads
  • Moved the project farther from the South Meherrin River
  • Proposed county permit commitments to minimize land disturbance during construction, to reduce construction traffic impact on Scott’s Crossroads, and to prevent and/or clean up construction dirt on Scott’s Crossroads

Environmental Stewardship

Longroad has conducted an engineering analysis of the site wetlands, streams, and the Meherrin River to support a site design that protects aquatic resources from impacts during site development. Additionally, we have invited community input at public meetings in order to hear about the local resident concerns. Based on the engineering analysis and community input, Longroad has pulled panels back from the Meherrin River and tributaries by at least 400′ – well more than required by the State Department of Environmental Quality.

Additionally, Longroad will plant native grasses and pollinators throughout the site, and has talked to local bee-keepers who will use the site for bee hives and honey production. A detailed wildlife analysis was completed to ensure that the site would not impact any protected species.

Solar in Southside Virginia

The 2018 Virginia Energy Plan deemed 5,000 megawatts of utility scale renewable to be in public best interest with at least 3,000 megawatts to come online by 2022. Current legislation in the General Assembly plans to achieve 30% carbon free electricity generation by 2030 and zero-carbon emissions by 2050.

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What are the Benefits?

Solar Energy is Clean

Solar is a cost-effective and clean source of emission-free energy. And utility-scale solar is one of the lowest-cost forms of electricity generation on an unsubsidized basis. Additionally, solar projects allow for the land involved to be returned to its original use.

200 New, Local Jobs

Approximately 200 new jobs will be created during the construction phase of the project. We have partnered with Southside Virginia Community College to increase solar installation program scholarships, and will hire local whenever possible.

More Than $5.6 Million in Tax Revenue

The project will generate more than $5.6 million in property taxes and other revenue-sharing, funds that will benefit county residents without a strain on local resources. Additionally, increased economic activity from the project will generate additional sales tax revenue.

Environmentally Friendly

Only materials that are environmentally friendly will be used in the 7 Bridges Solar project.

Project Details

Developer Longroad Development Company, LLC
Location 3.5 miles Northeast of Chase City between Scott’s Crossroads and Route 49
Project Size 80 Megawatts (alternating current)
Total Project Area ~499 acres
Expected Construction Start 2025
Employees During Construction ~200 jobs
Development Costs $147.7 million, with an estimated $28.2 million spent with vendors in Mecklenburg County.
Property Tax Revenue ~$5.6 million in property taxes and other revenue-sharing
Partnerships with the Community Longroad takes great pride in supporting the communities where our projects are located.
1Calculation made through the EPA greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator


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  • What are the benefits of solar to our region and the state of Virginia?

    Solar facilities provide great financial benefits to local communities when compared to the current use of the land without straining municipal resources.

  • What key legislation and programs are affecting Meckleburg County?

    HB1131 / SB 762 – Utility Scale Solar Revenue Share
 Counties may elect to adopt a revenue share ordinance in place of the current tax exemption. The revenue share provides a levelized payment to the county through the life of the project.

    At $1,400/MWac per year, the revenue share for 7 Bridges Solar (105MWac) would equate to $147,000 a year or over $5,000,000 through the life of the project.

    HB 1675 / SB 870 – Siting Agreement
If a solar facility is being developed in an Opportunity Zone, it may engage the county in negotiations to provide additional financial benefit to the county.

  • Are there agency reviews before site construction?
    • Mecklenburg County: Comprehensive plan consistency review
    • Virginia DEQ: Wetlands, stormwater, coordination with all state agencies
    • Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources
    • Virginia Department of Historical Resources (Native American, Civil War, architectural)
    • US Corps of Engineers: Wetlands and streams
    • State Corporation Commission: Review of generator lead line
    • US Fish and Wildlife Service: Protected wildlife species
  • Why is the project located in Southside Virginia?

    Proximity to transmission lines with available capacity is a key attribute of successful, low cost solar power projects. This has made the Chase City area more attractive for solar projects than other parts of the county. Southside Virginia has a better solar resource when compared to other locations within the same electricity market (PJM interconnection).

  • What steps have been taken to minimize the potential effects of the project?

    Longroad has listened closely to the community’s interest in maintaining the rural character of the county while supporting solar development. The 7 Bridges Project will be fully screened from view by the forested buffer around the project site. Additionally, 7 Bridges Solar will have native pollinator species in the paneled area, bee hives to support the local beekeepers, and a 400’ or wider buffer to protect the Meherrin River.

About Longroad Energy

The Longroad Energy team has been in the renewable energy business for over 20 years and we have a great track record of delivering responsible renewable projects even before starting Longroad Energy in 2016. Since the beginning, our team has developed 66 projects totaling 6.5 GW of wind and solar projects, 20 projects totaling 3.2 GW of that at Longroad Energy.