Landowner Solutions | Put Your Property to Work for You
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Putting your property to work for you

Landowner Solutions

At Longroad, one of our core values is making and honoring our commitments.  And that starts with our landowner solutions.


We’ve partnered with a wide array of landowners, from timber harvesters in Maine, to farmers in Texas, to large Trusts and cultural caretakers in Hawaii.  We understand that each region of the country is different and each parcel of land is unique.  That’s why we begin the conversation discussing the unique details of your property, and we work to make sure you remain comfortable throughout the development, construction, and operational phases of the project.


If you would prefer to sell your land rather than lease it, or you are interested in selling an interest in an operating lease, Longroad Energy can offer flexible terms that work for all parties.

Industry Expertise

landowner solutions
Individual Landowners

We treat each landowner the way we want to be treated, regardless of size or location.  Contact us today!

landowner solutions

Help diversify your income streams.  Contact us today to see if your property, including rooftops and canopies, is right for wind or solar!

landowner solutions

Let us work with you to achieve your investment objectives and to care for your assets.