Corporate Energy Solutions | Renewable Energy for Businesses
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Satisfying clean energy objectives

Corporate Energy Solutions

Our team successfully contracted for renewable energy with customers from a variety of market segments including financial institutions, and corporates.  We understand there is increasing corporate demand for competitively-priced renewable energy, and we are well-positioned and excited to serve this growing market.  In addition to pricing, we know there are other factors that are important to corporate customers when sourcing renewable energy, including:


  • Appropriate allocation of development and operating risk (e.g., busbar vs. hub delivery)
  • Additionality
  • Geographical proximity to corporate facilities
  • Marketing and branding opportunities
  • Flexible terms including contract duration and quantity of energy being purchased
  • Investment and/or ownership opportunities in renewable energy projects
  • Developer expertise to navigate complex regulatory environments
  • Cost-effective and high quality operation and asset management
  • Overall low execution risk


Our team is lean, flexible, and experienced.  We have the development pipeline and financial resources to deliver a competitive price while satisfying important customer needs.


We are actively discussing opportunities with corporates and excited to expand our relationships within this growing market.  If you are interested in learning more about us, please contact us.

Industry Expertise


We’ve developed and constructed sites in all geographical locations in the US.  Let us help you power your datacenter with clean energy.

corporate energy solutions
Corporate Sustainability Goals

Longroad can help meet or exceed your corporate renewable goals by collaborating to understand your concerns and unique challenges.

corporate energy solutions
Retail Partners

We help maximize your real estate & hedge against cost uncertainty while meeting the corporate social responsibility benchmarks your customers expect.